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Earlier this month, our family increased by one large gas tank.

"Do you feel like you've made it now that you drive a Lexus?"

“Do you feel like you’ve made it now that you drive a Lexus?”

We’d been saving for a while for a new car for C. While celebrating a friend’s birthday, a mutual friend stated she was selling her car. C talked with her about it for most of the evening and was pretty determined that he would buy it.

Flash forward 2 weeks and we were the proud owners of a {freshly detailed} Lexus SUV!

What about the Jetta you ask?

This little lady is still kickin!

This little lady is still kickin!

The Jetta is doing quite all right. About 2 months ago, we replaced the back strut. It was actually pretty fun to do together and now she’s running like a dream.

If you did the math correct, we now own three cars.


If you know anyone who wants to buy a Jetta, let me know 🙂


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