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As Far As That Goes, August.



Wondering what this Fall will be like in our life? I can guarantee it will be busy but what else is in store

Wishing I lived closer to my loved ones. Every day in Washington is awesome and I have no desire to live anywhere else, but wouldn’t it be nice to have them all here

Shopping for a waffle-maker so that I can stop wanting to go out to breakfast in the morning on weekends. I am pretty sure this is the same type I grew up with!

Organizing our honeymoon/anniversary trip for sometime this fall as long as we can find a puppy sitter.

Planning another murder mystery party but can’t decide between Halloween or Christmas??

Feeling sentimental. August does that to me. It always seems like the beginning of a new year.

Grateful for all that C and I have in our life. We are so very lucky. We are able to meet a majority of our optional needs and are both healthy

Listening to more Pandora stations that usual! When we had company, T added 3 new stations to my mix and I am loving it

Wearing new pants thanks to my lovely mother-in-law hemming them for me while she was in town. Did I mention that I’ve had them for over a year?

Writing a bucket list for Fall/Winter…hopefully, relatively low cost. Truthfully, this is really just a To-Do list for our house

  • 9  items completed this past weekend!!

Enjoying the cool weather and rain the past few days

Creating a blog, home and way, way, WAY late christmas presents

Missing quilting terribly

Working on a huge project for work that I am really enjoying