Budget Tactic: Chai Tea Breakfast

I have a confession.

I have a guilty pleasure of popping by Starbucks often. Far too often.


Many days a week, like four our of seven five work days I stop in for a chai tea latte…$20.00 a week.

I would stop by the location that was in the town by work…that way, if I was running late, there was no stopping. There is really no need. I can make a very good copycat version at home.


This past winter, I made a Frugal For Us Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate for much cheaper and much healthier than the Starbucks alternative. Plus, it didn’t taste bad.

Here’s the thing though…I wasn’t making this at home. I know that if/when I start to make them at home, they will ultimately taste better and be better for me.



Look at all this stuff I got for my Mug Swap this past August. There’s an adorable new mug, some chai concentrate AND tea packets. All I need to make a delicious version at home.


These Chai Tea Lattes have been powerful reinforcers for me for quite awhile. Once I made getting Starbucks contingent on leaving the house in enough time to be on-time to work AND have time to drive thru to get a Chai.

I was EARLY to work most days of the week under that contingency

Intervention in Place: Buy a gift card each pay day. I have only that amount to spend during that pay period.

  • Baseline: Will update with numbers following budget review this month
  • 1st Period: Not successful ->I “cheated” and used my debit card several times so I could still have “free” times.
  • 2nd Period: ANY trip to Starbucks on a work day will need to come from the gift card. Gift Card can only be refilled on or after MY payday. Snacks also need to come from the gift card.

Weekends and dates do not count against me 🙂





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