Cider Press 2015

Hand-pressed Apple Cider

Clean Apples

This year was our second year (not consecutively) pressing our own cider. While B was in town, we stopped by Wild Hare Organic Farm to inquire if we could press our own cider.

Choice 2

We were in luck! $ 10 bought us one gallon of hand-pressed cider. Now we were off to fill one 5 gallon bucket with apples that we will chop and press into cider.

choice 1

There are tons of apples to choose from. TONS. The more variety you have in your apples, the more variety you will have in the taste of your cider.

Pick a few good ones

Washing Apples like its our job

The next step in the process is to wash your apples. This is a quick rinse to get any leaves, gunk from a dented neighbor apple or the opportunity to identify a game changing blemish.

Wash em up!

Seriously, washing 5 gallons of apples takes a bit of time…which I guess is good because the unlisted next step is -> Waiting


The last year we were here to press cider, they had the option of the automatic chopper and the hand chopper. Our friends chose the hand chopper.

hand chopping apples

Like the auto chopper, you toss in apples one by one. With the hand chopper, you are spinning a wheel that turn the blades and chopping away. Pretty labor intensive.

Chop them Apples

We were only able to use the auto chopper but took turns tossing those clean apples in.

All those chopped apples get slid down to the press and we crank down the press to reveal the delicious apple juice!

press away dear

Have you ever tried fresh, hand pressed apple cider?


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