How the Fs Bought A House: We Have To Do What?

Did I mention when the Fs decided to buy a house that said house was missing one toilet and had some burst pipes?

Pipes burst behind that shower wall

Pipes burst behind that shower wall due to some faulty winterizing.

We didn’t mind fixing those few things. They needed to be done before we could get the appraisal done…as well as the home inspection. Homer, C and I met at the house on a Saturday with a plumber to fix the pipes. C and Homer had already installed the toilet earlier that week. Home improvement project # 1 and the house isn’t even ours!


Fast forward to the end of the afternoon. The plumbing is fixed but at the expense of a new water heater. The home had an electric instant hot water heater that had frozen during the winter and when we turned the water on, it burst. We needed to replace it with either a similar model or a more common tank water heater. We chose the later. This meant something else. The water heater would need to be located by the furnace which is also where the washer and dryer were located. I would be getting a new, stacking washer and dryer when we got the house!!! There wasn’t enough room to have a side by side set now that it had to share the small space with the water heater.

It was a small price to pay for items that would need to be attended to before we moved in anyway. Our inspection went great as did the plumbing/sewer scope. We were stoked! Let’s get this bank appraisal scheduled…


“The appraisal is subject to the exterior of the home to be painted. This included prep work to repair any areas that have water damage. The appraisal is also subject to new flooring being installed in all carpeted and vinyl areas. This excluded the entry and living room which currently have hardwood flooring. After these conditions are met, it is felt by the appraiser that subject will meet C4 rating requirements.”

-Mortgage Loan Officer

We needed to meet a C4 rating to get our house and our loan. We wanted this house. Neither of us were going to give up. I don’t think we ever talked about it. This was our house. The first one we walked into. The one we wanted to be our home.

I didn’t know a team of 4 people could work so quickly. Susan got us a list of house painters almost instantly while Homer rustled up his power washer and advised us on flooring. We were going to need to make a decision immediately on flooring for the house.

We went to Home Depot and spent MORE time in the laminate aisle. I cried, we argued. We’d spent the better part of a month picking out our perfect flooring. We’d even just picked it out! That wouldn’t be happening now, we were buying the floor for our house the next day. There would be no time to order online. We left with some final samples and a plan for the morning.

I don't want to tell you how many times we moved this pile of flooring.

I don’t want to tell you how many times we moved this pile of flooring.

In the morning,  we purchased 90 some cases of laminate flooring. We decided to buy all the flooring we needed for the main floor of the house in one fell swoop so that we got the same run or dye job or whatnot.

Our loan officer stated we needed to pressure wash, scrap and paint the house. We called 4 painters and C started powering washing the house…in the rain.

As he did that, I tore up the carpet and pad in the front bedroom which we decided was the main flooring offender.

This room was "unlivable"...more like unloveable

This room was nearly “unlivable”…more like unloveable

I also purchased enough primer to coat our house well twice. This is because actually, we just had to make sure the house was well primed–it does not need to be painted.

Tearing the carpet up was relatively easy (our friend Dustin came over to help for a bit which was GREAT!) but it was disgusting. Ugh, the horror of tearing up someone else’s really old carpet. It is just so gross.

half pad

Did I also mention the dirt/dust left behind while pulling up the padding? It took a long time to take the staples and tack strips out of the floor but once we did and discovered the old tiled floor, it was such a feeling of success.

so much dust

Next up was to take the molding off and install the new floor…once the other projects were done!


It’s a good thing we have an abundance of bricks!

We also had to replace portions of the flooring in the kitchen and vestibule upstairs. C quickly cut those out and patched in some new linoleum and there was no problem!

The Sunday we needed to remove molding and install new flooring was also the day the Seahawks were in the NFC Championship. We started taking off the moulding and this proved to be a very challenging task with the walls that were lath and plaster. It was taking a long time.

TV Run

I took a pause, drove home, grabbed our spare TV and the antenna and drove back so we could watch the game while we worked. Can we take a moment to praise the TV antenna. I love that these are making a comeback as more and more people ditch cable. How awesome is it that just having power allowed us to watch our team win?

go hawks

That first day we had prepped the room for flooring and laid the first two rows of flooring…and watched the Seahawks win. It was a tight game and a nail biter for sure (this was difficult because I had to keep washing my hands, flooring is soo dirty and dusty!) but we WON!

new floor!!

By the end of the day, we had a painter coming to scrape and prime the house on Monday and we would finish the flooring that afternoon.

Update: We DID need to paint the house but we did not need to paint the trim. But we only had enough time, money and resources to utilize one coat of primer and one coat of exterior paint.


I needed to choose a paint color for the house already and we didn’t even own it! Plus, it had to be pretty far from what I really wanted since it needed to cover with one coat over one coat of primer.

I chose and I returned to the house and was cleaning up inside as much as I could since we needed to get the re-appraisal in as soon as possible. We needed to close by the end of the month…or else.

Update mid day! We did need to paint the trim! Our painter wasn’t great…he got the job done and we got our loan and ultimately, our home so guess he was alright. Let’s not talk about the house and it’s paint, ok?

pretty floors

Corwin and I were up forever finishing the flooring. It was our first room and our first time and there was a steep learning curve. We finally finished and gathered all our tools.


Boy was it a pain working and needing tools where you don’t live. We hauled so many things back and forth in those few weeks it was ridiculous. When all was said and done with the floors, we just had to wait. The re-appraisal would take place and then we would….wait some more!



    • Thanks so much! It was so exciting at first…but 8 months later, its less than exciting. You are right though, SO rewarding!

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