Bagel Brain

Bagels have been on my brain the past few weeks. awhile ago I saw a post on This Pilgrim Life about making your own bagels. I decided I would try it and bought the ingredients.

Well, I didn’t make them then. Two weeks ago, I decided to make bagels and googled “How to Make Bagels at home”…choosing one of the first listings.

Rising Bagels

The first time I made the bagels they didn’t rise the during the first interval. I ran out of time during the day to boil and bake them so I needed to refrigerate the before finishing. Finally, to give an added bite to the crust, I added about a Tablespoon of salt to the boil bath.

Boiling Bagels

The second time I made the bagels they again didn’t rise as well as expected in the first interval. I tried the usual bread baking trick of heating the dryer then letting the dough rise in there. Didn’t help much this time. I ended up getting to the stage where we make 12 balls to rise when we had to leave for the Farmer’s Market. I left the dough in the oven to rise again since fruit flies apparently love rising dough. We got home later that evening and I decided to bake some donuts with our apple cider. Preheated the oven…melting the cutting board the bagel dough was sitting on and partially baking the bagel lumps. Foul before fruition.

Where do all the ugly bagels end up?

Where do all the ugly bagels end up?

The third time I tried to make bagels I activated the yeast in warm, not cool, water and mixed the dry with wet more carefully. This caused the dough to rise quite a bit better on the first round (this time, propped next to warm stove). This time the dough spent all its time rising in or around the oven. It didn’t have time to rise after I added holes but I don’t think this affected the taste. I also used honey in the boil bath since I was out of brown sugar.

Beautiful Bagels

Beautiful Bagels

I hope I can continue my experiments with bagel making and get it down to a perfect science!

Would you try to make your own bagels?



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