Hello, San Francisco

This past weekend the Fs went to San Francisco, California. In July, C’s brother moved to work for a start-up company located just downtown. Just last month, we decided to join the rest of the family on a quick visit to see him and his partner.

IMG_4897 (1)

San Francisco was beautiful. It was also made more beautiful since we were able to spend time with family.

The evening C and I arrived in CA, we met his brother (J) and partner, his mother, and his aunt and uncle for dinner. They’d been there awhile before us but we had a lovely time. Following dinner, we were able to see J’s apartment and then the three of us went to one of his favorite dive bars in the area. It was so nice to spend some quality time with J since neither of us had seen him since our wedding last fall. We caught up on seemingly everything and within no time, it was like the long 13 months hadn’t been missed.

Mission District

The following day, we joined the group from last night plus C’s cousin and her husband at a coffee shop in the Mission District. C and I presented our idea of a scavenger hunt and off we went! Each of us chose to stop in various shops as we wandered along. We ended up stumbling upon Clarion Alley (one place I had really wanted to visit!) and were able to look at all the murals on the walls. Some, like the black and white one above, were so intricate! How long it must have taken the artist to complete. We also popped into a fresh juice pop-up shop. I tried the Kale Earnhardt which was a blend of spinach, kale, green apple, ginger and lemon. YUM!

Mission Delores

After walking the main drag for quite some time, J took us to the view from Delores Park. What a beautiful, clear day! I also am surprised my Fitbit didn’t blow up…we took over 23,000 steps and about 9ish miles!


Painted Ladies


Palace of Fine Arts

After Ubering (that’s a new word…I decided) to the Painted Ladies, we Ubered (another new word) to the area near the Palace of Fine Arts and walked around for a while. While walking, we made a plan to get a snack in the area and then meet up for dinner in Little Italy.



Sutro Baths

The following day just our family met for breakfast at a cute cafe and went to the Sutro Baths.  Following this, we left to explore Haight-Ashbury. We wandered around, got a few snacks and prepared for our boat tour on the San Francisco Bay.

Boat Tour

This turned out to be a great narrated tour! We learned a ton and had some amazing sights.


The next day the rest of the group went wine tasting in Sonoma so C and I had a mini-honeymoon day! We went to the early bird Alcatraz tour first. The cellhouse audio tour was spectacular and left me emotional more than once…especially the staged cells.

Pier 39

Following Alcatraz, we went to Pier 39 for a bite to eat. While there, we were able to see the sea lions. Plus, we both found our souvenirs from the trip on the pier…they are both Seahawks related…from SF. We are stoked to finally have our own Hawks gear…until now, only the pup had official gear!

We met the rest of the group for our final dinner all together and sadly parted. We were seeing J and Mom the following day for a drop-off and quick breakfast, but the family vacation was at an end.

Academy of Science

Our final day in San Francisco, C and I went to the California Academy of Sciences. We saw two shows at the planetarium, explored the aquarium, a rainforest (complete with flooded floor!) and experienced an earthquake (simulated, of course!). We had such a great time!  Sadly, after this adventure, it was time to travel home. We were fortunate to jump on an earlier flight and made it home at a semi-reasonable time.

What’s your favorite thing to do while on vacation?



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