How The Fs Bought A House: We Own A House!

And so we waited…

We’d found our house and then jumped through every hoop presented to us but now it was just waiting. We wait to know if it was all going to go through or if 5pm on January 30 would come and we would lose our house and the thousands of dollars we’d already donated to it.

Finally, we got the call we’d been waiting for. We were meeting the traveling notary at our bank on January 28. We had made it. With one of my grandmother’s wedding presents and on my other grandmother’s birthday, we signed the papers and bought a house.

Sign on the Dotted line

We bought our house, the first house we entered, the house we were determined couldn’t meet our needs. We had won against odds many would have given up when facing. We had done it!

Celebrate Good Times

We had to wait for the notary to turn the paper into the county before we took possession but went out to celebrate anyway…complete with dessert!

The following day we met Homer, the realtor, at OUR home to receive our keys and the bottle of sparkling pink rose he bought for us (it happened to match our lovely pink carpeting!). We put the wine in our fridge and headed out to get some dinner. We would pick up the wine on our way back to our rental house and celebrate with the kitten and pup as a family after getting a bite to eat.

Is it any wonder I have kept our new house as empty of items as I can?

Is it any wonder I have kept our new house as empty of items as I can?

Unfortunately, when we returned to grab our cold bubbly we found it was anything but cold! Our fridge was not viable. It made noise but never actually cooled anything. Time to get a new fridge…

You now owe a ton of money

It was only beginning…but we were on cloud nine. This project was ours and we had earned it.

Now to move in.


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