As Far As That Goes, October

Tomorrow is November. The year is almost over but it seems as though it just started. This month has been both amazing and a huge challenge.


  • Traveling to San Francisco with C’s family was such a treat for us. Getting away from our house and its projects was a nice change of pace while also disrupting the delicate balance our life has been suspended in.
  • Putting my little family and our happiness, health and well-being ahead of other worries and stresses, particularly regarding work.
  • Buying essential oils and a diffuser for our house and health. In particular, I’m loving the Cheer Up Buttercup! and Peace & Harmony blends.
  • Launching our new program at work after months of hard work and anxious moments.
  • Hoping I can figure out the trick of hand sewing paper pieced hexagons together so they aren’t so fragile. I would like to send the top home with my MIL to have it long-arm quilted for the Biscuit but that gives me just about one month to finish that up.
  • Planning our family Thanksgiving weekend to include a home cooked dinner with two of me and my brother’s Armenian favorites. We didn’t grow up with things like mashed potatoes for holidays…we had it even better.
  • Wearing my hair down and with bangs!
  • Loving the time we got to spend with our friend B while she was visiting at the beginning of the month
  • Splurging on a yoga class and membership for both of us and a dog training class for Little Man.
  • Eating horrible food…probably not really but it feels like it. I haven’t been cooking since we returned from SF and recently surrendered my cooking duties to C to see if that can alleviate our eating out cycle.
  • Watching American Horror Story only a day after it airs instead of months later (in the case of Freak Show, we watched it last month!). Another of our splurges was purchasing the series pass on Amazon Instant Video.

Another month down but so much more ahead of us than behind.




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