WIAW: Back in The Game


I’m finally feeling a bit more like myself these days! For example, I made the bed for the first time in almost 2 months the past two days! Hey folks, it’s the little things 🙂

I’ve been very aware of what I’ve been eating in these absent weeks but seem to always forget to capture one thing or another so then I am easily discouraged and decide not to post. Then there is the waning energy aspect. At the end of the day, I just couldn’t seem to stomach getting to the computer and writing out a post.

BUT I’m feeling like a human again and wanted to share with everyone my edibles for the day. As is my usual, here are Tuesdays eats…slightly pieced together, but all documented.


Over the past few months, breakfast has become non-optional for me. While I used to exist off a good soy chai latte, those days are in the past. Lately, my quick weekday breakfast of choice has been instant oatmeal. I tend to disregard the amount of sugar in it for the fact that I need something and it has fiber, a bit of protein and again, its quick.


I’ve also been all over this cold pressed orange juice from Whole Foods lately. It starts my mornings out almost everyday!


As always, I have some form of warm beverage. Caffeine has been a huge irritant for my heart rate lately so I’ve transitioned back to a holiday favorite. Enter the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate…even better when made the Frugal For Us way (aka at home!)




Honestly, before I ate lunch I did have a snack of some veggie sticks. Whoa, don’t get to thinking I had a serving of vegetables before lunch….they were the snack food, fried chip like version. I didn’t get a pic though so if you want to picture some carrot and celery sticks I won’t argue with you 😉

Anyway, lunch was simply amazing!! We started Hello Fresh this week and OH MY GOSH! Lunch was leftover Tuscan Ribollita. This meal made way more than the 2 servings it said so we had lunch the next day. Seriously, sooooooooo good!


This picture is from dinner….I didn’t have an adult beverage while eating lunch at work.


After lunch I found myself hungry again within a few hours (not the fault of lunch, it was very filling, I can just eat every few hours now a day!) and decided to snack on a few Christmas cookies from the previous weekend.

thumb_IMG_5189_1024 thumb_IMG_5191_1024



For our anniversary in September my dad sent us some items from Omaha Steak Company and this evening we made our second round of cheeseburgers (I can’t get enough cheeseburgers in my life right now!). They were so tasty!



I didn’t have either of these items for dessert last night…we had frozen yogurt. It was dreadful. While they had my favorite flavor (Cotton Candy), it was in the same machine as Candy Cane. This time, my Cotton Candy yogurt tasted distinctly pepperminty. These items were so much better when we did have them!

thumb_IMG_5154_1024 IMG_4681_1024


Have you checked out all the other wonderful food diaries from this week? If not, check in here. In reflection, my food intake has nearly doubled from my past posts!I mean, how can you pass up Christmas cookies you made yourself?? Do you have a favorite?

Also, I’ll be posting about our experience with Hello Fresh in the next few days. In the meantime, if you’d like to try it out and save $40 on your box, use this code –> TKJBSF

I doubt you’ll regret someone doing your shopping and meal planning for you 😉


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