Three Weeks Young

This week E met her maternal grandma for the first time!

We spent the week relaxing as a family. The bonus to having my mom here is she’s done almost all the non baby care related things needed around the house (cooking, cleaning, laundry, feeding us!) so I’ve been able to completely spoil baby girl.


While Grandma has been here we adventured to Fred Meyer and Costco as a group of 4. We accidentally took the Honda Fit…we’re slowly realizing how much space a tiny baby and her accessories take up. We were able to strategically fit everything in the Fit but it was a tight squeeze!


The first Saturday Grandma was here we went all the way to the Puyallup Farmer’s Market for the morning. E did great! It was her second trip to the market. As long as she gets a snack as soon as we get there she’s a happy little shopper the whole time.

That afternoon my brother came for dinner. It was tough to be on the sidelines while he and C were able to drink beer and freely go in and out of the house. E was more fussy than usual so I was at her beck and call.


Sunday we were the most adventurous yet…we went out to breakfast! This required driving around for 30+ minutes to get E to fall asleep but then we were able to treat my mom to delicious blueberry pancakes at our favorite pancake joint. Although we survived the adventure, it’ll probably be awhile before we attempt that again!


Our second event Sunday was for our little family of three to introduce E to Home Depot. She’d been there over a hundred times while I was pregnant but waited til now to visit on the outside. It was a super quick trip just to get a fridge water filter but she seemed comfortable!


During her third week of life we acquired another new bed for her. After some really rough nights for her and I we decided to purchase a co-sleeper that goes in our bed. I never thought I’d be that parent but the lack of sleep was getting to me. I could tell she just needed to be closer to us and this was the safest way to help her meet that need. In addition, I needed to get to her before she got too upset when she woke in the middle of the night. It has been a win win so far!




  1. I just found this posting! Nice to see all the pics of you and your new family.
    I would like to order your chair from Pottery Barn, and need to know the colors. No pics of grandma Kathy or have I missed those too?

    • So glad you found it! Kathy (Mimi) came just this last week đŸ™‚ We’d love the gray chair with Elizabeth as the name. Thank you!!

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