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And Just Like That

Suddenly it’s over. I spent 10 weeks home with our newborn daughter and a total of 12 weeks off of work. Now is the time to return. I’m both excited to return to somewhere where I get to dress nicely and talk to adults almost hourly but I’m also mourning the moments I’ll miss in our daughters life. 

Looking back, the last 10 weeks went by so very quickly and yet so much happened! Did I spend my maternity leave meaningfully? 

  • I watched a lot of movies. Before E arrived I took myself to the theatre to see The Conjuring 2 and The Jungle Book. Both were a nice distraction and way to get out of the house from waiting for a baby to make her appearance. While home and nursing, I watched a number of older films like My Best Friend’s Wedding, Kate & Leopoldo, When Harry Met Sally, Twister, and Ocean’s Eleven. We did manage to watch a few newer movies like Joy and The Boss. 

  • We ate some delicious Cookies. Our favorite hangout this summer was Metropolitan Market for a variety of reasons. For one, they have excellent food which we can get packages to go and eat outside there, leaving quickly if E gets upset. Secondly, they sell The Cookie. I’ve never had a better cookie…I want one all the time. Third, they introduced me to my new favorite dessert, Blueberry Peach Crumble. In a nutshell, Metropolitan Market is child friendly and kept my nursing calories up 😉

Part of my attempt to replicate “The Cookie”

I did successfully copy the Crumble!

  • We had a ton of visiting family! You can read all our adventures in past weeks. It was nice to have the help from family but also rough to have so many visitors in such a short span of time. I’m glad so many family members have had a chance so far to meet our amazing daughter though! What a lucky girl she is to have family that loves her so much. 

  • I watched a LOT of TV! I was home almost my entire maternity leave. While I spent a ton of time watching, talking to and sleeping with E, there was plenty of time to watch endless episodes of numerous series. Some I attended to better than others. Between me and C, we watched Shameless, The Americans, Homeland, The Affair, Masters of Sex, Elementary, I Love Lucy, and some Sex and the City. I’m sure that’s not a complete list but it’s a good solid handful. Why, just the day I was in labor we watched an entire season of Modern Family!
  • I finished a book I’d been reading forever, Terms of Use, and started a new one, Midair. I didn’t read nearly as must as I’d thought I would. I think that’s because it took quite a bit of attention and focus as opposed to the TV running and me staring at E. 
  • Googling took a significant amount of my time. We had intended to follow Babywise so from the start I was googling how to get started and where we were going wrong. Not to mention all the other stuff we didn’t know what to do bathing and diaper rashes (thankfully we haven’t had any!).
  • Overwhelmingly, I spent the time worrying. I was so worried about how much (aka little) she was sleeping and how often she was eating. At the beginning, I was so afraid we weren’t being successful with breastfeeding even though she was gaining an appropriate amount of weight. What would happen when I went back to work? Who would take care of her? Would she do ok? They can’t feed her too much! Will she get enough to eat? How will they get her to sleep? I shouldn’t be nursing her to sleep. 

In the end, none of it mattered. E was happy, healthy and so very well loved. Her behavior analyst mother and engineer father learned new skills at relaxing and not knowing the answer and everyone was ok. If only I could go back ten weeks and tell myself to just snuggle and love that tiny homemade miracle. Because after all…babies don’t keep. 

    It Ends Ok…

    It’s not easy being a mom. I never thought it would be, really. I did underestimate how difficult it would be to eat a regular meal at a semi decent time or to eat that meal slowly and deliberately. It’s no wonder my digestion is all out of wack. 

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    Eight weeks this tiny human has lived with us.

    I can’t believe we’ve been so lucky! She’s such a great person and is teaching us a ton so far. Read More →

    Seven Down

    Week seven began with a 12 hour E and Mama day. C had a work function that kept him until 8pm! We definitely had our struggles…mainly on my end. She was pretty happy!

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    It’s Been Six Weeks

    Six weeks since E arrived and we started a whole new adventure. I’d thought pregnancy was hard but I had no idea what was to come! I’d also heard rumors about 6 weeks being a really rough patch. All this past week I tried to figure out if it was week 6 of life (which we just completed) or the week after (the week we are currently experiencing). Well, week 6 of life was a doosie…

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    Five Whole Weeks

    Her fifth week of life is over. In this time she celebrated one full month with us. She truly blossomed…and probably grew a ton this week. I’m afraid if we blink she’ll be in college.

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    Feed Me!

    We recently welcomed a new family member. She’s currently 6 weeks old and going through a growth spurt. Life with a tiny human (especially one growing!) can severely interfere with foraging for food. This past work week was our first week alone since she’s been born. We’d had a few days here or there just me and her but this was 6 whole days waiting until 5:15 PM for hubby to get home.

    Being 1:1 with E meant I had to grab food when I could. That leads to a rather interesting (or boring!) assortment of eats for What I Ate Wednesday (head over here to see what everyone else has been eating). Jenn, the creator of WIAW can be found here…so can lots of yummy recipes!

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    One Month

    E is already one month old!

    She’s changed so much over the past month…we’ve all changed so much!


    • Diaper changing station
    • Sleeping on her tummy on someone
    • Being walked around
    • Bath time
    • Ceiling fans


    • Wet or dirty diapers
    • Sleeping during the day
    • Car rides

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    Four Weeks as Three

    It’s been four weeks since E arrived. Four weeks of chaos, love, sleeplessness and the discovery of who we all are as a family. It’s been so exciting to see how much she’s changed in these past four weeks but also so sad that she’s already growing up so much!


    It’s been four weeks since we had to start putting someone else’s “schedule” ahead of our own. It’s never taken us so long to get ready to leave the house as it has these past four weeks and the car rides have never been so loud (E isn’t the biggest fan of her car seat!).

    I’ve never been more tired in my entire life. My mom said if I survived college I can survive this. I have never been the type of student who would stay up all night or late to finish something, I’d wake up early. I’ve never been one to nap either so this adjustment is rocking my world. Lately, E and I have been taking a nap together on the couch in the mornings.


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