Four Weeks as Three

It’s been four weeks since E arrived. Four weeks of chaos, love, sleeplessness and the discovery of who we all are as a family. It’s been so exciting to see how much she’s changed in these past four weeks but also so sad that she’s already growing up so much!


It’s been four weeks since we had to start putting someone else’s “schedule” ahead of our own. It’s never taken us so long to get ready to leave the house as it has these past four weeks and the car rides have never been so loud (E isn’t the biggest fan of her car seat!).

I’ve never been more tired in my entire life. My mom said if I survived college I can survive this. I have never been the type of student who would stay up all night or late to finish something, I’d wake up early. I’ve never been one to nap either so this adjustment is rocking my world. Lately, E and I have been taking a nap together on the couch in the mornings.


All About E

She has a hard time going down for the night. Her fussy period starts around 4:30 and can last anywhere til 10:30. Sometimes she needs to just get all her frustration out by screaming and crying and other times she can just nurse her fussiness into submission. It’s a huge adjustment for all of us. Dinner is touch and go as to if I can sit down with C to eat or if I eat standing up and swaying with E.  We’ve been trying the Moby Wrap the past week and she’s only consented to its use once now.


We have a bedtime routine of diaper change, swaddling, stories and a bottle or nursing (sometimes she nurses in addition to her bottle).  Every 3-4 days bath time is added to the routine. She loves “Little Baby Spa Time”, especially getting her hair washed! The first few baths were sponge but lately we’ve used the Puj tub loaned to us by friends. It’s great right now while she’s so little and we’re using the kitchen sink. When she gets a little bigger we’ll move her to her other tub.

We’ll be working on developing a naptime routine in the next week or so to try to help E get a bit more sleep. She’s so wide eyed and alert that she’s not a big fan of sleeping during the day. We use an app called Baby Connect to track her day. It’s nice to have all the info in one place about her feeding, sleeping and diapers and although it gives you tons of ways to display the data I couldn’t make heads or tails of what I needed.

Enter the Standard Celeration Chart. I wanted to see how long E was sleeping each day along with info on her night wake ups and day naps. In doing this, I was able to see that moving to a co-sleeper also afforded us one less night wake up!


The Fourth Week

This week, E’s Grandma worked on getting her to wear some of her pretty outfits while she was able to fit in them. The first day of “dress-up” wasn’t her favorite but she looked SO cute!


The week was rather uneventful…E was going through a growth spurt. She was extra fussy and extra clingy while being extra hungry and refusing naps. She would take her best naps on me so she was allowed at least one per day like that! She also acquired a new swing…she doesn’t love it as much as we thought she would. Are you keeping track of the amount of things she’s acquired since being born?!


On Thursday we went to the grocery store as our one big outing of the week. It was quite an endeavor. E didn’t settle down while we were in the car or at the store. It’ll be awhile before we shop without C! Plus, when we got back from the store, Oscar decided to take himself for a walk so we needed to scour the neighborhood for him. Luckily, he ran back to the house after he was finished.


The next day E went with us as we dropped off my application for a passport and picked up some take-out from Panera. It was so nice to get a lunch out during the week. It was also nice to get out of the house with a relatively calm baby. Due to my C-Section, I am unable to drive or lift more than just the baby so it was important to have the second person!

Saturday was a BUSY day! My brother came over for breakfast before we went to the farmers market. This week we tried the Gig Harbor Farmer’s Market. It was a huge mistake! We walked into an indoor craft show type market. After a quick breeze through and a driving tour of Fox Island we headed to our local farmer’s market and E had her second lunch out at Metropolitan Market…we’ve been there more since she’s been born than before I think!


Upon returning from the markets, C and I prepared to go on a DATE! We were initially going to get coffee but headed instead to our favorite bar for an adult beverage! It was nice to get out of the house without a baby and just spend some time together while feeling confident that E was in good hands.


Sunday my mom spent the day with my brother and our little family of three spent the day out running errands. E was such a trooper and remained in relatively good spirits even though we dragged her all over town in a hot car.

Monday marked the return of just Mama and E during the day. Grandma left for the airport with C early in the morning. It was a huge adjustment to go back to making sure everything was taken care of around the house while also making sure E was well cared for. Needless to say, I got FAR less done than my mom did. The adjustments will continue to come as we continue to learn this new person and what our new normal is.

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