One Month

E is already one month old!

She’s changed so much over the past month…we’ve all changed so much!


  • Diaper changing station
  • Sleeping on her tummy on someone
  • Being walked around
  • Bath time
  • Ceiling fans


  • Wet or dirty diapers
  • Sleeping during the day
  • Car rides

Over the past month, we’ve learned so much about this tiny human and how to best meet her needs. She’s a unique one and seems determined to stay that way. She’s challenged all my preconceived notions of parenthood and almost everything I thought we’d do is different from how we actually do it.

We were going to follow Babywise from the start. Our friends followed it and we really were really impressed and motivated. Babywise is hard. Betsy and I suck at it in fact. We’re on a break.


“Don’t make me wait! Don’t make me sleep!

She gets below the recommended amount of sleep per 24 hrs and I’m at a loss as to how to help her. The internet says I’m doing everything wrong AND perfectly correct so keep it up. Needless to say, 3 books are in the mail.

We own two million pacifiers…most of which E won’t take. I remain her preferred pacifier.


She has had a bottle of expressed milk almost every day since we’ve been home from the hospital. Her usual one is right around bed…it’s her time with C. She’s had the occasional bottle while we’re out of the house as a group and I need to feed her quickly on the go or on the two occasions C and I have had a quick date.

She spent 2 weeks in a cosleeper in our bed.  The rest of the time she’s spent in a mini pack and play by our bed. During the day she mainly sleeps on someone or in the bassinet that came with her larger pack and play.

We bought a swing for her since she likes to be rocked while walking…she doesn’t like the swing so far…the exercise ball is in the mail and we plan to search Craigslist for a rocking chair or glider.


We have spent the majority of the past month (5 weeks actually!) in disposable diapers. We moved to cloth during the day for 3 days once her cord fell off but diaper changes were still so new to all of us that it was upsetting everyone. We paused to reduce the stress and help everyone continue to adjust to being together. Cloth during the day is back on following week 5!

Baby wearing is not happening as much as I’d thought. E doesn’t settle down in the Moby wrap. It’s too hot for the Boba. She will sleep with C in the Chicco carrier we bought for her tiny self this summer but I’ve yet to try that one. Plans are made to make a ring sling in a week or so.


Overall, the past month has been incredible. E has started smiling, cooing and gurgling, holds her head up a ton and grown like a weed. It all seems to have happened overnight. I can’t wait to see what will come next month but also can’t help but hope time slows down.

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