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We recently welcomed a new family member. She’s currently 6 weeks old and going through a growth spurt. Life with a tiny human (especially one growing!) can severely interfere with foraging for food. This past work week was our first week alone since she’s been born. We’d had a few days here or there just me and her but this was 6 whole days waiting until 5:15 PM for hubby to get home.

Being 1:1 with E meant I had to grab food when I could. That leads to a rather interesting (or boring!) assortment of eats for What I Ate Wednesday (head over here to see what everyone else has been eating). Jenn, the creator of WIAW can be found here…so can lots of yummy recipes!


The morning in question featured a buttered English muffin and chai tea latte. Even though I LOVE a good Starbucks, we recently bought a Kuerig to save time and money. It’s not the same at all but do able.


For a mid-day snack (that was all it was intended to be!) I had some Chicago Mix popcorn and leftover cherry coke. Before I remembered to take the photo I’d eaten all the cheddar. I’d intended to have some salad and fruit in a bit but got pinned down by a cute baby.


Baby and I were home alone through dinner time this day. She’s particularly fussy in the evenings so I was nervous when how I’d get dinner into me.

It was my first day able to lift more than just the baby and my first day I could drive so I could have gone to pick something up. I decided to go the easy route and get delivery pizza. She was sleeping when it was delivers but of course woke up as I served myself a piece…standing, one-handed dinner!


Over the weekend we’d picked up a Raspberry Rhubarb Crisp from Whole Foods and I added some vanilla ice cream. Truthfully, it wasn’t that good. I trashed half of it. I’d had a blueberry peach cobbler the week before and that was AMAZING!  I wish this had been more tasty.

Because I’m nursing, I’m drinking a ton of water throughout the day. I’ve heard nursin makes you ridiculously hungry but I don’t seem to have this side effect.

My goal is to participate more often in this weekly link-up. It’s a great way to reflect on a day of eating and often highlights trends both good and not so good. Once I discovered that we we were always eating out on Tuesdays. Neither of us had thought of it.  I’m excited to see what happens next week!


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