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In the Double digits

How it’s been 10 whole weeks since E finally came to live with us, I’m not quite sure. This week we had cool temperatures which made sleeping so much more comfortable! 

Sous chef E

Starting Wednesday we focused on getting E to sleep on her own for her naps. Wednesday she did great until late afternoon. You see Wednesday was E’s two month doctors appointment and she got her first round of vaccinations. I bent the rules and snuggled her all she wanted. 

Seriously, this girl is too much!

She did great at the appointment and that evening. I think C and I had a harder time than she did! She got a super clean bill of health and even impressed her doctor with her skills…especially her control of her neck! 

Snuggles and sleep were on the agenda for the next day. We did sneak out of the house to get my ring inspected and cleaned as well as to get a cookie!

Thursday night E slept over 8 hours once she was put in her own bed! This is the best she’s ever done and she woke up SO happy. We were all happy! Following this, when she went down for her first nap, she slept 90 minutes. She might have slept longer but I had to wake her up to go get an oil change. 

Saturday morning we went to the Washington State Fair. You can read more about our day here but overall we had a great time! Since the focus this week has been on getting E to nap consistently, we kept up her schedule even while at the fair. I was really impressed with how well all of us did with it!  

The following day the entire family (including Oscar!) went to a bbq hosted by a coworker of mine in Olympia. Although it was time for E’s nap when we got the bro the car, she preferred to remain wide awake just until we got close to our destination! She did really well while there and charmed quite a few people. 

Oscar decided to book it out an open gate shortly after we arrived so that created quite a commotion. C got in the car to track him down and meanwhile a coworkers husband successfully nabbed him down the road. What an adventure!  

Labor Day was calm for E. She spent the day napping on track and being the smiliest gal around! We spent the day preparing for the upcoming week. I’ll be returning to the workforce Tuesday which means quite a lot of change for us! That evening we had dinner with the family whose dog we’d watched the week prior. It was a nice end to a long weekend. 

Overall, this week was such a turning point in E’s napping. She has a consistent nap routine (at least with me) and I think it’s allowed her to sleep better and longer during the day. All naps during the day are spent in her bed while she still naps on me in the evening. We’ve had a happier girl between naps and that has been SO nice!