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WIAW: Back in The Game


I’m finally feeling a bit more like myself these days! For example, I made the bed for the first time in almost 2 months the past two days! Hey folks, it’s the little things 🙂

I’ve been very aware of what I’ve been eating in these absent weeks but seem to always forget to capture one thing or another so then I am easily discouraged and decide not to post. Then there is the waning energy aspect. At the end of the day, I just couldn’t seem to stomach getting to the computer and writing out a post.

BUT I’m feeling like a human again and wanted to share with everyone my edibles for the day. As is my usual, here are Tuesdays eats…slightly pieced together, but all documented.

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WIAW – The Vaca Edition

San Francisco Eats

This past weekend we were in San Francisco visiting my brother-in-law. C and I stayed at the Howard Johnson in the Marina District while visiting. This created the situation where all meals were eaten out while on our trip. I chose my eats for Saturday to track…and I am so proud of myself for completing the whole day!

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Soup…So Good

It’s Wednesday

This is what I ate



Even though I was home working today, I opted to use one of my chai options to help jump-start my work day.

AM Snack:


Yummy veggies hand cut by our friend B when she was in town, plus a small serving of hummus.

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Honestly, Breakfast

It’s Wednesday

This is What I Ate


This glass of fresh squeezed orange juice was too good to photograph full…

Breakfast: Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Chai Tea Latte and Water

  • I’ve participated in WIAW once or twice on previous blogs and always fibbed about what my breakfasts usually were. I made a smoothie for picture tracking day…I DO NOT have smoothies everyday. I make one for C daily but not myself. I should really really start to eat one each day.
    • Maybe, set a smaller goal to work towards?
Side note: How adorable are these cups!

Side note: How adorable are these cups!

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