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Honestly, Breakfast

It’s Wednesday

This is What I Ate


This glass of fresh squeezed orange juice was too good to photograph full…

Breakfast: Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Chai Tea Latte and Water

  • I’ve participated in WIAW once or twice on previous blogs and always fibbed about what my breakfasts usually were. I made a smoothie for picture tracking day…I DO NOT have smoothies everyday. I make one for C daily but not myself. I should really really start to eat one each day.
    • Maybe, set a smaller goal to work towards?
Side note: How adorable are these cups!

Side note: How adorable are these cups!

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As Far As That Goes, September


Itching to declutter our house and try this method

Strangely wishing we could turn the heat on just in the morning. I hate turning on the heat but would love to take the chill off the 40 degree mornings!

Marveling at how much I love the state of Washington and how perfect it is in the fall

Anxiously awaiting some progress at work that will really help fill my workday

Remembering what it is like without a cat in the house

Spending more time working on my blog since making it a priority for me mid-month

Becoming more active since I got my new Fitbit!

Watching the fourth season of American Horror Story. We were soo disappointed

Adding more activities to our calendar as the nights get darker…in an already pretty dark state.

Getting excited to go to San Francisco next month with our family

Listening to the Radiohead station on Pandora. They are playing tons of old Modest Mouse (think Moon & Antarctica)

Enjoying that I’ve fallen back into quilting, just in time for fall and cold weather

Collecting patterns for new quilts I may never make

How the Fs Bought A House: Let’s Buy a House!

It had been coming for a long time and it came out of the blue. It was the longest process ever but happened in the blink of an eye.

We were buying a house. Just like that.

Well…let me back up a minute.

We’d let our landlords know that our clothes dryer had broken in  late October. They weren’t going to fix it. For real…they just weren’t going to fix it. That really was the last straw. We’d lived with a horrible toilet, a leaky door, sketchy neighbors and a non-working oven for two years now. This…this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Somehow we found ourselves contacting our bank and at the beginning of November we were pre-approved to buy a house in Pierce County. How was this our life? Married for less than 2 months and buying a home.


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A Day at the Fair

This year, we did The Fair on the first weekend it was open to celebrate our anniversary.


Which one of us is more excited?

I love fairs. One of my favorite memories of growing up was going to the Fowlerville Fair in Michigan each summer. I remember riding the rides and getting elephant ears. We always spent a lot of time admiring the 4-H projects and animals. The highlight, each summer at the small county fair was the ice cold chocolate milk.

This year, we were a bit more low-key. C isn’t a fan of the rides. He’s an engineer and doubts their stability due to the ease of set-up and take-down. I rarely mind.


We were both really impressed with the grange displays. This one was the Grand Champion. I would love to be able to do something like this as a hobby!


We were able to test out a few of the new Hybrid Tempurpedic mattresses and fell in love with the firm version. I’d be super interested in trying this since I heard they were the mattress for people who didn’t like Tempurpedics. Yeah, it totally is. I could have napped right there in the giant expo center. It would have been an amazing nap.

As usual, we wandered the barns and I dreamed of being able to have a horse. The chickens and other poultry were loud as usual. We didn’t get to see the bunnies (I don’t think they were there yet?) and decided to skip the cat barns due to our own troubles at home.


Our last stop was to see the draft horse driving show. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hear the announcer very well. When we could hear him, we could tell it was some really interesting information. In addition, there was a very annoying kid behind C so we ended up leaving before the end of the show.

The 2015 fair wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t our best shot at Doing The Puyallup. We were worried about the Kitten Boy and stressed about a few other projects in our life. I’m so glad we went though and that it was part of our anniversary weekend.

We’ll do a better job next year!


Oh, How We Miss You!

This past week we said goodbye to the kitten we’ve had for the last 9 years.



He was one of the most trying animals I’ve ever lived with.


He was also one of the sweetest, most sensitive pets I’ve ever lived with.


He always knew when you needed loves.

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60ish Days Later

Remember when I said I was going to start a 365 Photo Project? I didn’t think it would be that hard.



I had a really hard time with it. I resist when things get too scheduled and I have a lack of creativity. I get irritated when I place demands on myself. I still take a photo almost everyday…but I do not follow a theme nor am I necessarily creative.

For example:

Yeah, I'm getting teal shelves in my kitchen :)

Yeah, I’m getting teal shelves in my kitchen 🙂 When I finish painting them…


I take pictures of books at Costco that I want to read.

I take pictures of books at Costco that I want to read on my Kindle


This is the extent of our Fall/Halloween decorating this year

This is the extent of our Fall/Halloween decorating this year

So, to conclude, how hard could it be? For me, too hard. No more 365 photo project…for now.


Meal Planning…Fails

Do you plan a weekly/monthly/yearly menu?

We try…well, I try. There are days where I crave knowing what will come next and what I need to do about it. There are also days where I do not want a single thing (even a list) to tell me what to do.


In the past we have tried several different meal planning strategies.

  • Menu Planning/Menu Board: Back when Pinterest was brand new, I saw a really adorable menu board that we instantly copied and worked hard to write up our meals on little cards and affix to the clothespins. I can’t help but think that if it was as cute and professional as this one we would have been more successful. We wouldn’t have been, let’s be honest.
  • Weekly menu planning: This is a lofty goal that I always hope to be good at…I even made our own printable. I have found that meal planning in general requires setting aside dedicated time to write things down and plan. I don’t do so well with dedicated planning time.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 7.46.00 PM

  • Monthly meal planning: This we were modestly successful with…for almost 2 months! I was fiddling around on the internet and ran across Raising Up Rubies post on yearly meal planning. Yes, that was way too much work and an over-commitment for me, BUT I thought I could do a month. Plus, the printable at the end of the post was motivating. I was working between recipes on this awesome blog (go soon and make all of her delicious recipes!) and this, equally awesome blog (I am a million years behind on the Pioneer Woman greatness) and it was working well! I was enjoying it and so was C. Then, we ran out of our freezer stock, we’d greatly reduced our pantry stock, life during massive renovations calmed down, and we decided to change how we were eating. I failed…again…
  • “Eat what I want for dinner on the day I want it with no plan” plan: THIS is the best plan for us…its also the most expensive and results in way too much food waste since we have no plan and then generally have no dinner at home.

How many have you tried? What is successful for you and your family?



Change {around the corner}

A change is coming around the corner for me.

Since starting my new position this spring, I was primarily working from home if I was not with a client. I am transitioning into full-time prep work for a new program so I will now be working full-time from our Center. Starting very soon!

8| Around the Corner

8| Around the Corner

I am looking forward to establishing a better work/life balance and work smarter. I am hoping to work M-Th at the center and work from home on Friday. This means lots of lunch packing, evening showers, laying out clothes and filling the coffee machine.