Meal Planning…Fails

Do you plan a weekly/monthly/yearly menu?

We try…well, I try. There are days where I crave knowing what will come next and what I need to do about it. There are also days where I do not want a single thing (even a list) to tell me what to do.


In the past we have tried several different meal planning strategies.

  • Menu Planning/Menu Board: Back when Pinterest was brand new, I saw a really adorable menu board that we instantly copied and worked hard to write up our meals on little cards and affix to the clothespins. I can’t help but think that if it was as cute and professional as this one we would have been more successful. We wouldn’t have been, let’s be honest.
  • Weekly menu planning: This is a lofty goal that I always hope to be good at…I even made our own printable. I have found that meal planning in general requires setting aside dedicated time to write things down and plan. I don’t do so well with dedicated planning time.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 7.46.00 PM

  • Monthly meal planning: This we were modestly successful with…for almost 2 months! I was fiddling around on the internet and ran across Raising Up Rubies post on yearly meal planning. Yes, that was way too much work and an over-commitment for me, BUT I thought I could do a month. Plus, the printable at the end of the post was motivating. I was working between recipes on this awesome blog (go soon and make all of her delicious recipes!) and this, equally awesome blog (I am a million years behind on the Pioneer Woman greatness) and it was working well! I was enjoying it and so was C. Then, we ran out of our freezer stock, we’d greatly reduced our pantry stock, life during massive renovations calmed down, and we decided to change how we were eating. I failed…again…
  • “Eat what I want for dinner on the day I want it with no plan” plan: THIS is the best plan for us…its also the most expensive and results in way too much food waste since we have no plan and then generally have no dinner at home.

How many have you tried? What is successful for you and your family?




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