How the Fs Bought A House: Let’s Buy a House!

It had been coming for a long time and it came out of the blue. It was the longest process ever but happened in the blink of an eye.

We were buying a house. Just like that.

Well…let me back up a minute.

We’d let our landlords know that our clothes dryer had broken in  late October. They weren’t going to fix it. For real…they just weren’t going to fix it. That really was the last straw. We’d lived with a horrible toilet, a leaky door, sketchy neighbors and a non-working oven for two years now. This…this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Somehow we found ourselves contacting our bank and at the beginning of November we were pre-approved to buy a house in Pierce County. How was this our life? Married for less than 2 months and buying a home.


Two days after being connected with our realtor, we met with him to look at a house. We couldn’t see the house. It was weird anyway (we eventually went it on another trip). We ended up spending the evening having coffee with our realtor, Homer, and he got to know us.

That weekend we met with Homer and his wife Susan. Susan had prepared us a list of houses we were going to see that day and we were ready! It was raining and cold but we were determined we would find our house on the first day. I can clearly remember three houses from that adventure.

  • #1 The first house had nothing going for it. It had a note on the MLS sheet that basically told us to enter at our own risk. I’ll save you the description and just say it smelled bad as soon as Homer opened the door. We did not go in.



  • #2 This was the first house we entered. It was a great house. SO MUCH SPACE! Three bedrooms plus a bonus room upstairs. It had one main full bath and one 3/4 bath in the master bedroom. Great backyard, and the kitchen. The kitchen was to die for…in bones. Otherwise it was hideous. Also, did I mention the magenta carpet in the back room and the bubblegum pink room? It didn’t have a garage, shop or basement for C to use for tools, either.



  • #3 This was our house. We knew it when we walked up to it. Adorable, off the street entrance which opened into a vestibule/foyer. Off of the vestibule was the living room with wood burning fireplace and mantle. This led to the formal dining space!! The kitchen was next and oh my word. It was all I wanted. Drawers, drawers, and more drawers. It had a dishwasher, beautifully large sink and had an eat in area which led to a deck large enough for an out door table. I was in love! It had a shed, garage, and lawn for C and character-building opportunities abounded.  I overlooked ALL the quirks…


  • WEIRD bathroom in back of house which was kinda like a bathroom in a bedroom? Or would that be a bedroom in a bathroom?
  • Tiny stairs upstairs. They reminded me a bit of a horror movie. C said he’d build me new ones!
  • Um, family was home?! And sadly,  the home was part of their bankruptcy hearing.
  • It was more than we could afford.



We had found our house. We started the process to submit an offer.

We couldn’t. No matter what we tried, who tried, how hard anyone tried, we couldn’t figure out how and who and when to submit an offer. That was the house we wanted and now we couldn’t have it? We were bummed. We kept persisting. We would get that house but in the meantime we looked at houses the next weekend. I couldn’t tell you anything about any of them. We still wanted our house.


After another week of no word on our house, I gave up. On a Friday, I full-on QUIT. We were not going to buy a house this year. We would wait until a year from now, have more money, more experience, more options, etc. We quit.


The next morning, C got an email notice that one of the houses we’d seen had dropped in price…by $20,000. We had really liked that house. Like, really liked that house. We were back in. We were all in.  A call to Homer later and we had a date to see the house one last time.


We submitted an offer that Monday…



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