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As Far As That Goes, October

Tomorrow is November. The year is almost over but it seems as though it just started. This month has been both amazing and a huge challenge.


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How The Fs Bought A House: We Own A House!

And so we waited…

We’d found our house and then jumped through every hoop presented to us but now it was just waiting. We wait to know if it was all going to go through or if 5pm on January 30 would come and we would lose our house and the thousands of dollars we’d already donated to it.

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WIAW – The Vaca Edition

San Francisco Eats

This past weekend we were in San Francisco visiting my brother-in-law. C and I stayed at the Howard Johnson in the Marina District while visiting. This created the situation where all meals were eaten out while on our trip. I chose my eats for Saturday to track…and I am so proud of myself for completing the whole day!

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Hello, San Francisco

This past weekend the Fs went to San Francisco, California. In July, C’s brother moved to work for a start-up company located just downtown. Just last month, we decided to join the rest of the family on a quick visit to see him and his partner.

IMG_4897 (1)

San Francisco was beautiful. It was also made more beautiful since we were able to spend time with family.

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She’s Here!

Last week, our good friend B came to visit from Michigan. C hadn’t seen her since he was back in MI in March 2014 and I hadn’t seen her since my bridal shower in July 2014.

3 Amigos

We were so excited to see her!

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Bagel Brain

Bagels have been on my brain the past few weeks. awhile ago I saw a post on This Pilgrim Life about making your own bagels. I decided I would try it and bought the ingredients.

Well, I didn’t make them then. Two weeks ago, I decided to make bagels and googled “How to Make Bagels at home”…choosing one of the first listings.

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How the Fs Bought A House: We Have To Do What?

Did I mention when the Fs decided to buy a house that said house was missing one toilet and had some burst pipes?

Pipes burst behind that shower wall

Pipes burst behind that shower wall due to some faulty winterizing.

We didn’t mind fixing those few things. They needed to be done before we could get the appraisal done…as well as the home inspection. Homer, C and I met at the house on a Saturday with a plumber to fix the pipes. C and Homer had already installed the toilet earlier that week. Home improvement project # 1 and the house isn’t even ours!


Fast forward to the end of the afternoon. The plumbing is fixed but at the expense of a new water heater. The home had an electric instant hot water heater that had frozen during the winter and when we turned the water on, it burst. We needed to replace it with either a similar model or a more common tank water heater. We chose the later. This meant something else. The water heater would need to be located by the furnace which is also where the washer and dryer were located. I would be getting a new, stacking washer and dryer when we got the house!!! There wasn’t enough room to have a side by side set now that it had to share the small space with the water heater.

It was a small price to pay for items that would need to be attended to before we moved in anyway. Our inspection went great as did the plumbing/sewer scope. We were stoked! Let’s get this bank appraisal scheduled…

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Cider Press 2015

Hand-pressed Apple Cider

Clean Apples

This year was our second year (not consecutively) pressing our own cider. While B was in town, we stopped by Wild Hare Organic Farm to inquire if we could press our own cider.

Choice 2

We were in luck! $ 10 bought us one gallon of hand-pressed cider. Now we were off to fill one 5 gallon bucket with apples that we will chop and press into cider. Read More →

Soup…So Good

It’s Wednesday

This is what I ate



Even though I was home working today, I opted to use one of my chai options to help jump-start my work day.

AM Snack:


Yummy veggies hand cut by our friend B when she was in town, plus a small serving of hummus.

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Puyallup & Pumpkins

Fall Fun

This past weekend we popped into a local farm to explore their corn maze and pumpkin fun.


The farm set the corn maze up to include 4 mailboxes that you needed to visit to receive a punch on your map. Read More →