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San Francisco Eats

This past weekend we were in San Francisco visiting my brother-in-law. C and I stayed at the Howard Johnson in the Marina District while visiting. This created the situation where all meals were eaten out while on our trip. I chose my eats for Saturday to track…and I am so proud of myself for completing the whole day!



We met as a family for breakfast before heading to the Sutro Baths. We’d intended to head to one of J’s favorite restaurants for breakfast but unfortunately they didn’t open until 11…for brunch. As a result, we ended up going to Rose’s Cafe. It was cute and cozy but their menu was pretty varied and didn’t have as many breakfast options as I’d have loved. Either way, I ended up with a roasted turkey breast sandwich on Brioche with avocado, provolone and whole grain mustard. I found the mustard overpowering so ate the second half of the sandwich open-faced.



We explored the Sutro Baths as a family then headed over to the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood to explore. While there, we stopped at People’s Cafe for some lunch. Actually, I was the only one hungry so the others had a drink while I ate. I’d erroneously ordered soup with grilled cheese as opposed to grilled cheese with soup. This resulted in a giant bowl of soup with a tiny chunk of grilled cheese. Sad face. It was a surprisingly delicious soup and the grilled cheese left you wanting much more. I also ordered french fries which were served in a cute little fry basket.



Following our boat tour on the bay, we met as a large group for dinner at Butterfly which was right on the water and afforded us a spectacular view of the bay and sunset.

The menu was small, pricy and decadent and as a result, this was a hard meal for me. I wasn’t feeling one hundred percent and upon reviewing the menu, I was really upset with myself for not have a more varied palate. I have come a long way but there are things I do not enjoy and therefore do not want to spend a lot of money on. After hearing the server describe several dishes, I selected the least offensive to me, the crab stuffed chicken breast. I should have snapped the photo before I deconstructed the chicken from the shrimp and corn ragout. Shrimp is one of those things that I will not eat. I do not enjoy them at all so imagine my disappointment at finding shrimp stuffed into the chicken with the crab and cheese. After extracting the offensive shrimp, I was able to enjoy the chicken.


I didn’t take a photo of this. Unless the desert is spectacular, I generally do not order it. Unless it is creme brûlée. If creme brûlée is on the menu, it usually ends up in front of me and this time was no exception. This completely made up for my disappointment over dinner.

The whole trip highlighted what a home body I am. I was homesick for our small town and simple eating within 36 hours. I enjoyed our vacation tremendously but found myself overwhelmed by the large and busy city and the extravagant food and restaurants. I craved a home-cooked meal and our routine. After a weekend of almost every meal at a restaurant, I don’t want to eat outside of our kitchen for quite awhile!

What do you miss most while being on vacation?

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  1. I feel your homesickness for home cooked meals. It’s always rough when you travel and have to eat out for every meal – it really gets old fast. Your soup and grilled cheese look delicious! Can never go wrong with that combo! What a bummer about dinner but at least you got a good dessert in the end!

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