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I like the idea of meal planning (as evidenced here, here and here). I do not like the process of going to multiple stores for this that and the other thing. In addition, I do not like wasting excess ingredients.

Who wants a bottle of Champagne Vinegar sitting around for a year after you’ve used 2 tablespoons? Chances are, that bottle has been pushed to the back of the pantry never to be seen again. The day you find it, you’ll throw it away. That very next week, some recipe will call for it and you’ll start the whole process over again…

For our anniversary this past year my dad got us an order from Omaha Steaks. With the order came a coupon for 3 free meals from Hello Fresh. We didn’t use the coupon for several months due to our endeavor with eMeals.

I asked C for cooking classes for Christmas but unfortunately, there aren’t any readily available near us. This gave me the idea of our coupon. I thought that might be a way to improve our cooking skills and learn how to use different ingredients. I researched 3 of the main ingredient delivery services. Each had their pros and cons but the main pro to us for Hello Fresh was our coupon. We signed up for a Saturday delivery.


Our box arrived before noon and it was like Christmas. We had some choice in what meals we ordered but by the time it arrived, I’d pretty much forgotten! We decided to start cooking the next night.

Meal One

The first meal we made was Turkey Tetrazzini with fresh Sage and Thyme. Holy cow! It was delicious! It took a bit longer to make than the 30 minutes suggested on the recipe card. Also, using fresh thyme is fun but the prep of the leaves? Time consuming!


We were delivered perfect portions of all ingredients needed for our meal. We did not have to purchase a bunch of sage to only use 1/2 the package. We didn’t have to get a whole carton or can of chicken stock to only use a small amount. It was perfect! It all came in a box that we were able to pull from the refrigerator when we were ready to start cooking.

I never would have ordered this meal if we’d been out to eat. I never would have selected it as part of our weekly meal planning. I am so grateful that Hello Fresh gave us the opportunity to try this to know I like it!

Meal Two

Our second meal was Tuscan Ribollita. This soup was soooo delicious! Again, we were sent everything we needed to make this dish without excess or needing to purchase special ingredients. Hello Fresh assumes you have certain staples on hand. They expect you to have salt, pepper, olive oil and butter.


This was another dish that I never would have risked ordering or making independently but am so glad I tried! We’d definitely make this dish again if given the opportunity.

Meal Three

Our final meal of the week was the one I was the most nervous about Soy-Glazed Steak with Sesame Spinach and Wasabi Mashed Potatoes. Honestly, none of those items independently sounded good to me. I tend to steer clear of wasabi and soy sauce. Hello Fresh sent us small packets of both items so we didn’t need to purchase or have either on hand.


I can’t tell you how delicious this meal was! We struggled with keeping items warm as the recipe called for using the same pan repeatedly but that is a learning curve. I would eat this meal all the time if I could!

I can’t believe our good fortune in this adventure! We are so excited to make our meals for this coming week.

Have you tried any of the meal services available?

If not, feel free to try Hello Fresh! If you use this code –> TKJBSF you’ll get $40 off your first box! That’s over 50% off for the whole week. We bet you’ll stick around for a few more weeks!



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