It’s Been Six Weeks

Six weeks since E arrived and we started a whole new adventure. I’d thought pregnancy was hard but I had no idea what was to come! I’d also heard rumors about 6 weeks being a really rough patch. All this past week I tried to figure out if it was week 6 of life (which we just completed) or the week after (the week we are currently experiencing). Well, week 6 of life was a doosie…

Real Life

This was the first full week in awhile that it’s been just our little family. E and I were home by ourselves during the weekdays and we had the weekend free! Without the extra help, it was up to me to keep the house running during the day. By the end of the week, the kitchen had started to look a bit rough so I challenged myself to get that done

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

I’ve been throwing E’s laundry in regularly since there seems to be an increasing amount of it and she has a few regular wear things like her swaddle that needs to be ready each night.

We tried to re-implement cloth diapering this week. It didn’t seem too difficult to maintain but it was a bit more stressful. One day during the week we used our all-in-ones and the next few days we used a combination of pre-folds and covers. Because E has such difficulty sleeping during the day, we’ve again paused this endeavor to reduce parental stress.


E is a really good sleeper at night. This past week she’s been waking only about once throughout the night…once she actually goes down. During the day we’ve been struggling. I mentioned before our sleep one day not the next pattern. That’s turned more into just not sleeping much.

It’s been a focus for both C and I to try to determine her sleep cues as well as watch when she gets sleepy. We think a few of her cues are burying her face in our necks (if held), yawning and sticking her tongue out to suck. In general, if caught in time, it works to briefly nurse her to sleep. It’s a bad habit I don’t love but it tends to work at least 50% of the time. Otherwise we’re usually in a stand off…she’s now overtired but fighting it. She will occasionally pass out if walked, bounced or rocked…but none are reliable.

She has started to be relatively consistent the past several days with a morning nap…in her bed! She’ll go down within an hour of waking up for the day and this nap last anywhere from one to two hours. This has allowed me to get so much done right away each day like the kitchen pick-up or her dishes!

Since she’s sleeping so well during the night I’ve needed to implement a middle of the night pumping session. E generally only eats from one side each time she wakes up and is able to satisfy herself and go immediately back to sleep. While this is great for her, it leaves me a bit uncomfortable and needing to pump.


While E is exclusively breast fed, she gets at least one bottle a day of expressed milk. Before she was born we were going to use Evenflo glass bottles to both pump into and feed from (when needed). We’d also decided on using Calma nipple or standard Medela slow flow nipple as needed. E did not agree with our plan. Both original nipples were too fast flow for her. In fact she struggles with my flow being too fast often. We’d received a free Avent bottle for starting our registry with Amazon and tried that. We noticed a significant reduction in her choking and coughing so we ordered some Avent glass bottles to use in the meantime.

She still chokes and coughs while eating so further research lead to an even slower flow nipple. We went ahead and ordered these and smaller bottles for her. Only one instance of coughing and chocking since! Now of course we have many more dishes…I primarily pump into the Evenflo bottles and either store them in fridge or dump into a freezer bag. To reduce some transfers I ordered an adapter to pump directly into the Avent bottles. Somehow we never have enough clean bottles though!


We didn’t do a ton this week.  We tried to keep it pretty low key. We did venture as a family to Whole Foods for dinner! This was our first experience since breakfast a few weeks ago where we couldn’t just get up and go as needed. As a result, E and I had our first non-doctor’s office public nursing session. It was awkward and not that comfortable for either of us but we survived!

Saturday, friends were in town and we had them over for lunch. We got takeout from The Red Hot and spent a good portion of the afternoon with them. E enjoyed the company…too much. She slept VERY little that day, was extra fussy and had a really rough time going down that night. C and I reflected on that visit and the days our families have arrived in town and discovered that E gets very overstimulated by new people. We think it’s even more so than new places. The day/evening was so rough with her that we ended up postponing our get-together with another young family. Too much was too much and we needed to get our girl back to equilibrium.

These smiles though..they make EVERYTHING not so bad!

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