Seven Down

Week seven began with a 12 hour E and Mama day. C had a work function that kept him until 8pm! We definitely had our struggles…mainly on my end. She was pretty happy!

The next day we woke up and the two of us had our first solo outing. We were tasked with picking up E’s Papa and Nannie from the airport! She did great the entire ride there and was pleased to meet them.

After C took a half day and we went for lunch at Metropolitan Market, we spent a calm and quiet day at home. Nannie and Papa woke up at 2 am to travel to see us!

The following day C and his dad got right to work completing miscellaneous tasks left on the list to finish our house while Nannie mowed the lawn and I kept E on a wake schedule.

supervising some work

That weekend we went to the farmers market even though it was going to be a million degrees. E stayed cool with her new fan.

And a quick snack…

She also tried out her new fan while napping at Home Depot after getting lunch with the family.

Something huge happened during week 7. Twice in a row E slept through the night!! Both times were for 7 hour chunks and first night I woke several times to make sure she was still alive.

She had a few really good days with following a good sleep/wake routine during the day that kept her from getting overtired. It left her super happy when she was awake but then she fell off the wagon…or I messed something up. It’s no Babywise (yet) but I’m working to keep her on track.

While C’s dad and stepmother were still here, the two of us went out for a dinner date. It was the longest we’d left her and everyone did great! We went to the Melting Pot and had a “quick” dinner early in the evening. We made it there right when the lounge (aka bar) opened and had one of the few tables where they serve a full menu. We’ve found this to be much quicker and easier than the main dining room. Plus you’d never need a reservation! What a great time as a couple and remembering that we are not just parents…

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