Eight weeks this tiny human has lived with us.

I can’t believe we’ve been so lucky! She’s such a great person and is teaching us a ton so far.

E had her first experience formally going out to lunch this week. Since her Nannie and Papa were leaving the next day, we went to walk along the waterfront and ended up stopping for lunch at Duke’s Chowder House. There we ended up having our first experience with using a public changing table (despite being changed in the car when we arrived) AND our second public nursing experience (again, despite being fed previously in car). I have to admit, feeding her this second time in public was much easier than the first. I’m not sure why exactly though.

She’s getting better in the car so despite the late hour E and I went to the airport Wednesday night to see her Nannie and Papa off. It went smoothly…until the way home. Poor girl just wasn’t feeling it any more.

The rest of the week brought the two of us home during the workday and a small family of three (four if you count Oscar) during the evenings. We’ve discovered that E is less fussy during meal prep if she is able to hang out with us around the counter. It doesn’t help me help C since I’m holding her or letting her sit on the counter but it keeps her calm! I can’t wait till she can use her Bumbo chair 😊

Thursday morning E and I ventured out to Target all by ourselves! We were successful with everything on our list and a certain someone slept the whole time…

Saturday morning we went to our local farmers market and spent the rest of the horribly hot day cuddling.

Smiling and reaching for the stars!


The end of week 8 brought Grandpa’s birthday and smiles from E!

Seriously, she’s SO awesome!

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