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It’s not easy being a mom. I never thought it would be, really. I did underestimate how difficult it would be to eat a regular meal at a semi decent time or to eat that meal slowly and deliberately. It’s no wonder my digestion is all out of wack. 

I’ve continued to eat breakfast while nursing even though before my pregnancy I rarely ate breakfast and didn’t miss it. During pregnancy I found I needed breakfast. Although I didn’t suffer from morning sickness I found I was more uncomfortable skipping breakfast than if I didn’t. Now, I eat breakfast simply to get the calories, nutrition, and energy for this little human.

This week’s edition of What I Ate Wednesday features more adventure AND food than the last time I participated. Check out other’s eats here and visit the creator, Jenn’s, veggie-centric blog here


Although we don’t follow a schedule or hard and fast routine, we work very hard to keep E’s wake time to about an hour. She wakes for the day between 6:30 and 8:30 and I try to plan my breakfast for when she’s calm or sleeping. 

The morning in question began with us waking together at 8:30. After I fed her she was happy to sit in her bouncy chair while I ate. C had made steel-cut oats the night before for us to eat this week. We followed a new recipe that replaced one cup water with milk and they were extra creamy! I topped it with some leftover vanilla-orange syrup from a fruit sale we’d had the weekend before. I almost had another serving it was SO good.


The plan was to make these delicious wraps for lunch and I was looking forward to it after we ran an errand. E and I decided to head on a quick outing to Babies R Us to pick up some storage bags, a bag to take my breast pump to work and a party dress…she’s going to her first wedding next week!

After an extraordinary amount of work to get ready to leave the house (it takes quite a bit of planning!) we were in the car and on our way. As we left our street, E started to cry. I assumed she’d dropped her pacifier and was just generally unhappy about being in her car seat alone in the back seat. Halfway there though she started screaming…like the terrible awful newborn scream that is worse than any other crying or screaming they can do. I was talking to her and reassuring her we were almost there (really, we’re only 10 min away to begin with!) and that as soon as we got there we’d check things out. 

I released her from her car seat lockdown, changed her diaper and gave her some cuddles but nothing seemed to calm her down. She was hysterically inconsolable! I opted not to put her in the Boba carrier right then and got in the car again to try to nurse her. Because we were going to sit in there, I turned the car back on and turned up the A/C. 

After a minute or so of fitful nursing, she settled down. However, in that minute, 2 strangers heard E crying (screaming!), assumed she was left in the car unattended and came over to peer in the front window. I awkwardly waved…with a baby attached to my breast…and they scrambled away. Another person suspiciously eyed the unattended running vehicle. 

When we finally made it in the store we were relatively quick and exited successful. After the stress from the parking lot and since E was sleeping I opted to splurge and drive thru Chick Fil A. I was lucky enough that the baby slept not only through the drive-thru and drive home but also for 15 minutes once we got inside! Although she didn’t sleep the entire time I was eating, I was able to eat my chicken fingers and waffle fries slower than I was expecting. 


Later that evening when I’d successfully gotten E down for a nap in the Rock and Play I had a slice of homemade banana bread for a snack. 


C was in a late meeting but when he got home he grilled burgers and asparagus while I tried to soothe the fussy baby. We had a delicious dinner of burgers, asparagus and leftover polenta. He was also able to whip up a quick strawberry goat cheese salad! I ate quickly because again, the baby wasn’t satisfied to relax independently.  


Once E was a little calmer I was able to sneak in my most favorite dessert. I have been perfecting the recipe for Blueberry Peach Crumble and had a serving of my latest version. I hope to share the recipe here soon so check back! It is amazing and SO delicious with this seasons fresh blueberries and peaches.


I really can’t wait to share that recipe with you! 

In the meantime…do you have any tips on how to eat dinner with a fussy newborn?  


  1. My husband and I don’t have any kids so I don’t think I have any helpful tips for you! My brother and sister in law have two little kiddos and it seems like they always have to eat one handed 😉

    that dessert looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the recipe!

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