You Belong To Me

Two months ago, we had a baby girl.

 The nurses told us she was a beautiful baby and honestly, not all babies are cute so we really got a good one! She’s seriously only gotten more beautiful…and fun.


This month E started sleeping much better during the night. She falls asleep with us in the living room each evening and then when we go to bed we change her diaper, swaddle her and we put her in her bassinet. It’s been so hot this past month that it’s been hard to swaddle her earlier than when we all go into our air-conditioned bedroom. Hopefully, once the heat breaks and we return to chilly WA weather, she can go down a bit earlier. That’s still rough for everyone around here!

She’s always been really good at sleeping at night but this month she usually only woke up once a night. Some nights she slept 7 or more hours in a row! I count her wake-ups as once she goes down in her bed for the night through 6 am. If she wakes up after 6 am, I do not count it as a night wake-up since we could technically stay up as needed. She usually falls back to sleep if she wakes up around then anyway.

Napping has continued to be a struggle for us. We started “sleep training” during the day this month. For us, this involved working hard to determine E’s sleep cues and get her to bed when we notice those. We’re also trying to get her to sleep after about an hour of wake-time. This sometimes ends up being 45 minutes and sometimes and hour and fifteen minutes. So far, she’s been a happier baby in between naps, we have some form of structure to our day and overall, she’s sleeping more.


E is still exclusively breastfed. She gets a bottle of expressed milk 3-4 times a week in the evening. Sometimes she will get a bottle if we are going on an excursion where it will be easier and quicker to give her a bottle than to breastfeed. She’s still using preemie flow nipples in her bottles but she seems happy! We have no plans to switch while she’s doing so well. In a few weeks, she’ll be spending 15-20 hours a week with a caregiver so we hope she’ll do fine getting bottles during those days. When she’s restless, over stimulated or generally overwhelmed, she still prefers to nurse. I don’t mind!

Fighting the Fussies

As a team we’ve made a ton of progress in fighting the evening fussiness. This month we obtained a glider for us to help soothe E and a bouncy seat. We found that she will do really well when in just the right window with rocking her to calm her down and put her to sleep. If that doesn’t work she’s responded well to being bounced on the yoga ball then “violently” rocked in the Rock and Play. We try to avoid that if possible so we got her a bouncy seat. It’s touch and go with it!

E did decide that she liked a new pacifier! This has been a huge help during the day and evening. We picked up an Avent Soothie on a trip to Babies R Us on a whim and it turns out she likes them! Three days after she was born we bought all the pacifiers available for E to try…except that one. We had a similar looking one that we’d gotten as a gift but she didn’t like it. I figured we didn’t need to try the Avent ones then. Boy was I wrong. The great thing is she will take this pacifier from me, which very rarely happens!

Bye Bye Baby

Someone around here is smiling! It’s hands down the best thing ever to see her smile when we look or talk to her. She’s also started talking back to us with the sweetest sounds. Of course, she reserved all these first for her first friend…the girl in the mirror. Man, she loves her! She’s becoming so much more personable that it’s making each day better than the last.

In addition to smiles and conversation skills, she’s becoming a pro at holding her head up. This has been making baby wearing so much better! She’s still not in love with it, but it happens more and more often now, which is terribly helpful when going out or trying to stay ahead of the fussies.

She’s also discovered that her hands are SO tasty! It’s so cute to look down and see her going to town sucking and licking her hand. Sometimes the noises she makes are hilarious! It’s also nice to know she’s found something to help keep herself calm if needed. She’s yet to get her thumb in there, but I know its only a matter of time…

Star of the (Car) Show

E met a ton of new people this month! Mimi and Uncle J came for a visit as did Nannie and Papa. She traveled with me to the airport to pick up Nannie and Papa and she also went with me to my work to meet folks and turn in some papers. I’d say she still hates her carseat for car rides but it might be getting better. We installed a mirror for her and that’s helped keep her calm. She also has a fan to keep her cool on really hot days and a few toys now for her car seat.


Weight: 14 lbs 3.5 oz

Height: 23.75”

Head Circumference: 41 cm

Amount Loved: To the Moon and Back

More E: The Life and Times of EMF


  1. Love the updates. Reminds me of how fast the time goes so enjoy every precious moment…even the challenging ones, and remember this too will pass, quicker than you know. Our grandsons are almost 5 and 21 mos. and it seems impossible they were once E’s size. Love to all.

  2. Lauren, this is absolutely precious. So much better than a baby book!
    Believe it or not, you won’t remember all of the tiny wonderful things E does as time goes by, but this is a great record! She is beyond beautiful.

  3. Nannie misses you Betsy! XOXO to the moon and back! Talk to Betsy Sunshine and squeeze her paw so you won’t forget my voice! She is beautiful, Lauren and Corwin! You are wonderful parents!! Love the sink bathing pic!

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