9 Short Weeks

This week we were fully on our own as a family of three humans. Oscar had an interview for a pet sitter and we interviewed a nanny candidate. Oscar will need a place to stay when we go to a wedding in a few weeks and E will need someone to stay with her 15-20 hrs a week once I go back to work. 

The first day E was 9 weeks old we went to visit my work, meandered through Target and Babies R Us. She slept the entire way to my work and for awhile once there. Eventually she woke up and mingled but it was short lived. Knowing my girls sensitivity to becoming overstimulated with new people, we left before she got too upset. 

At Babies R Us we obtained a new bouncy seat to try to combat the evening fussies. She seems to like it! Target brought just the usual odds and ends. 

C and I agreed to watch his coworkers dog while they were out of town for a family emergency. He picked her up on his way home from work! Life with a little girl and two “puppies” was quite an interesting time…

The following days were relatively mellow. Not much happened but E being cute! This week she did start to move her hands and arms more purposefully…most noticeably rubbing her eyes! She also took a liking to a new pacifier which is HUGE around here, especially if she takes one from me!


hanging out with the girl in the mirror!


Not the biggest fan of tummy time!

Saturday E and C had a daddy/daughter morning while I took some time alone time with myself, my planner and a Starbucks chai. 

For a solo date, these two are the best company I could ask for!

Sunday brought a VERY big day in our household.

somehow 2 months have past

The last day of week 9 was a doosie…let’s not rehash it. You can find those adventures here

Week 10 will be my last week home 7 days a week with her before I return to work! I’ll be going into the office 3 days a week and working from home 2. 

More E: The Life and Times of EMF 

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