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As Far As That Goes, October

Tomorrow is November. The year is almost over but it seems as though it just started. This month has been both amazing and a huge challenge.


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As Far As That Goes, September


Itching to declutter our house and try this method

Strangely wishing we could turn the heat on just in the morning. I hate turning on the heat but would love to take the chill off the 40 degree mornings!

Marveling at how much I love the state of Washington and how perfect it is in the fall

Anxiously awaiting some progress at work that will really help fill my workday

Remembering what it is like without a cat in the house

Spending more time working on my blog since making it a priority for me mid-month

Becoming more active since I got my new Fitbit!

Watching the fourth season of American Horror Story. We were soo disappointed

Adding more activities to our calendar as the nights get darker…in an already pretty dark state.

Getting excited to go to San Francisco next month with our family

Listening to the Radiohead station on Pandora. They are playing tons of old Modest Mouse (think Moon & Antarctica)

Enjoying that I’ve fallen back into quilting, just in time for fall and cold weather

Collecting patterns for new quilts I may never make

As Far As That Goes, August.



Wondering what this Fall will be like in our life? I can guarantee it will be busy but what else is in store

Wishing I lived closer to my loved ones. Every day in Washington is awesome and I have no desire to live anywhere else, but wouldn’t it be nice to have them all here

Shopping for a waffle-maker so that I can stop wanting to go out to breakfast in the morning on weekends. I am pretty sure this is the same type I grew up with!

Organizing our honeymoon/anniversary trip for sometime this fall as long as we can find a puppy sitter.

Planning another murder mystery party but can’t decide between Halloween or Christmas??

Feeling sentimental. August does that to me. It always seems like the beginning of a new year.

Grateful for all that C and I have in our life. We are so very lucky. We are able to meet a majority of our optional needs and are both healthy

Listening to more Pandora stations that usual! When we had company, T added 3 new stations to my mix and I am loving it

Wearing new pants thanks to my lovely mother-in-law hemming them for me while she was in town. Did I mention that I’ve had them for over a year?

Writing a bucket list for Fall/Winter…hopefully, relatively low cost. Truthfully, this is really just a To-Do list for our house

  • 9  items completed this past weekend!!

Enjoying the cool weather and rain the past few days

Creating a blog, home and way, way, WAY late christmas presents

Missing quilting terribly

Working on a huge project for work that I am really enjoying