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Random Ramblings at 38 Weeks

I’ve always been a sensitive person.

I had sensitive skin as a baby and small child. I was allergic to dairy formula and needed soy. It’s been described to me that I feel things more than the average person.

When I was younger, I would be unable to eat upon seeing someone eating out at a restaurant alone. Granted, I was always too painfully shy to invite them to eat with my party. Currently, its still not comfortable, but I can tolerate it.

Despite all the time I’ve spent in Psychology, it wasn’t until a few years ago I realized I wasn’t a freak. There is an actual term for the highly sensitive person…a person with high sensory processing sensitivity or Highly Sensitive Person.

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Daily Integrity

Daily Integrity or How I Have a Gr-r-reat Day

This past spring I started a new position at a new company. I was shifting from my primary, albeit temporary, role of homemaker to working outside the home. I found that I was busy all day long while home and could fill my time quite productively.

When I transitioned back to the workforce, there were days our home life suffered greatly and other days where it simply excelled. I couldn’t figure out what was the difference until there were several great days in a row. Finally, I wrote down all the things that happened or I got done that I credited to it being a great day. What do you know, those things were the same as the previous several days.

When I wrote these all out, it seemed that getting these bare minimum tasks completed helped the day go smoother and kept our house in line.

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How the Fs Bought A House: We Have To Do What?

Did I mention when the Fs decided to buy a house that said house was missing one toilet and had some burst pipes?

Pipes burst behind that shower wall

Pipes burst behind that shower wall due to some faulty winterizing.

We didn’t mind fixing those few things. They needed to be done before we could get the appraisal done…as well as the home inspection. Homer, C and I met at the house on a Saturday with a plumber to fix the pipes. C and Homer had already installed the toilet earlier that week. Home improvement project # 1 and the house isn’t even ours!


Fast forward to the end of the afternoon. The plumbing is fixed but at the expense of a new water heater. The home had an electric instant hot water heater that had frozen during the winter and when we turned the water on, it burst. We needed to replace it with either a similar model or a more common tank water heater. We chose the later. This meant something else. The water heater would need to be located by the furnace which is also where the washer and dryer were located. I would be getting a new, stacking washer and dryer when we got the house!!! There wasn’t enough room to have a side by side set now that it had to share the small space with the water heater.

It was a small price to pay for items that would need to be attended to before we moved in anyway. Our inspection went great as did the plumbing/sewer scope. We were stoked! Let’s get this bank appraisal scheduled…

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A Day at the Fair

This year, we did The Fair on the first weekend it was open to celebrate our anniversary.


Which one of us is more excited?

I love fairs. One of my favorite memories of growing up was going to the Fowlerville Fair in Michigan each summer. I remember riding the rides and getting elephant ears. We always spent a lot of time admiring the 4-H projects and animals. The highlight, each summer at the small county fair was the ice cold chocolate milk.

This year, we were a bit more low-key. C isn’t a fan of the rides. He’s an engineer and doubts their stability due to the ease of set-up and take-down. I rarely mind.


We were both really impressed with the grange displays. This one was the Grand Champion. I would love to be able to do something like this as a hobby!


We were able to test out a few of the new Hybrid Tempurpedic mattresses and fell in love with the firm version. I’d be super interested in trying this since I heard they were the mattress for people who didn’t like Tempurpedics. Yeah, it totally is. I could have napped right there in the giant expo center. It would have been an amazing nap.

As usual, we wandered the barns and I dreamed of being able to have a horse. The chickens and other poultry were loud as usual. We didn’t get to see the bunnies (I don’t think they were there yet?) and decided to skip the cat barns due to our own troubles at home.


Our last stop was to see the draft horse driving show. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hear the announcer very well. When we could hear him, we could tell it was some really interesting information. In addition, there was a very annoying kid behind C so we ended up leaving before the end of the show.

The 2015 fair wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t our best shot at Doing The Puyallup. We were worried about the Kitten Boy and stressed about a few other projects in our life. I’m so glad we went though and that it was part of our anniversary weekend.

We’ll do a better job next year!


How Hard Could It Be? 30 days later



Last summer I taught myself to quilt. In the 365 days since that happened I:

  • planned a wedding
  • got married
  • bought a house
  • began renovating said house
  • adapted to living in a renovation
  • spent countless, amazing days with my husband, dog, friends and family.

I have little to show for much of that aside from a few bad photos (ok, not the wedding! Really, those are great).



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